9-11 Memorial, TriBeCa, Hudson Street, Highline, lobster place in Chelsea Market

9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

New York was stunning today. It helped that the weather was also stunning. I took the subway down to the 9-11 Memorial, which was as impressive and moving as expected and packed with tourists from all over. Also dazzled by the white winged Oculus trainstatuin/mall that I am assuming is a Calatrava design since it looks very much like his Milwaukee Art Museum. I kept walking north, stopping at Duane street Patisserie in TriBeCa for two tiny ginger snaps, then on along Greenwich and Hudson Streets to the Highline which is highlighting its Prairie Grasses (from the American Midwest…two park people were impressed I had lived in Kansas, aka home of the tall grass prairie) and they looked stunning blowing in the wind on a sunny September day. IN Chelsea market, I seemed to be the only one among the throngs eating salmon poke but I had my heart set on poke and it was an interesting version, with crunchy white rice noodles and edamame and some other things I didn’t recognize at added crunch and a slightly picked flavor. While waiting for my order I sampled several types of seafood bisque, all delicious.



I walked all the way to the end of the Highline at 34th street and would have kept walking if my back permitted. But no dice. I ended up taking a “select” crosstown bus which was confusing. instead of inserting your metrocard on the bus, you have to insert it at a machine by the bus stop that’s akin to the machines in the subway station you used to buy a metro card. YOu press a button, insert your card which spits back out and you get a paper receipt. Then you walk onto the bus. it reminds me of similar system in Berlin and Prague where you are on the “honor system” and I was warned there of periodic checks to make sure riders have paid and you get in trouble if you’re caught.  Today, I not only had trouble figuring the system out…a very nice bus driver explained it patiently.  But at the third stop, transit police boarded the bus and checked to see that we each had slips. One flustered woman didn’t although she quickly produced her metro card. So rider beware.

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