Flying the new Southwest route from DSM to NYC via St.Louis

It wasn’t bad. But it could have been. MY 50 minute connection in St. Louis was cut in half due to delays last night but fortunately the gate for my connecting flight to Laguardia was nearby (I dashed from E20 to E12.) so I arrived just as the flight was boarding.

I wasn’t pleased when Southwest changed the eastern hub for Des Moines from Chicago to st.Louis but maybe it will be okay. The flight I was on was continuing onto Newark which, if it’s a standard thing, would perhaps be easier than rushing to another airplane. The flight is only 45 minutes to st.Louis (slightly shorter than To Chicanos midway) but I am not a fan of connections under an hour. it was nice to have the outbound flight short so I had less time to worry about making my connection and more time on the second flight to relax.

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