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Flying with a puppy #3

We got a puppy carrier to take on the plane today from my aunt and to my surprise it looks like my old LANDS END diaper bag – a little bigger than a kid’s school lunch bag and almost as confining. There is a ventilation panel on the side but otherwise it seems to be all enclosed. I had expected something more like a very small version of the kennel or crate our dog sleeps in. Guess this will work.

We also got the clever water bottle that converts into a water dish but it didn’t work with our six-year-old Vizsla Ernie – she just sniffed at the water in the weird dish and backed away. Maybe she’ll be more appreciative – and drink from it – when we’re on a walk and she’s thirsty. Here reaction today was: “why would I drink from THAT when I can slurp out of my trusty water bowl over there?”

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