there but for the grace…go I– missing the explosion in Chelsea (NYC)

On the High line Friday

On the High line Friday

I was in Chelsea on Friday afternoon, about 10 minutes from the sight of an explosion by some sort of homemade bomb (last I heard) on Saturday night. SObering, especially after starting my day on Friday at the 9/11 Memorial. BUt New Yorkers seemed to take it in stride and today we passed soldiers on patrol in Grand Central Station that weren’t there pre-explosion yesterday and the attitude seemed to be “whatever.”

Zahah Hadid building on High Line

Zaha Hadid building on High Line

We had a lovely day and a half in Fairfield county, attending the wedding of the son of our dear friends Myra and Mike at a pretty Greek church in Bridgeport, with a reception, dinner,Marty and dancing to music from a great live band in Monroe. SHane and Mary (Takebetsywithyou readers!) are honeymooning in Santorini and Barcelona, among other places — and two of my favorites from long  ago wandering spin the 1980s. WE chanced upon a smaller farmers market in Fairfield before taking the train back to the city where we found more farm stands at a street festival on Columbus Avenue. Tried a delicious arepa (sp?) a Columbian street food, two pancakes made of sweet corn with a little mozzarella between them, grilled. I ❤️ NY.

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