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“Korean Traditional Culture Experience” at Incheon Airport — Seoul

Sadly, this Airport is the closest we will get to Korea this trip but we got a small taste of the culture, thanks to the airport’s concerted effort. Ultra modern and ultra spotless, the international transit center has a Korean Traditional Culture Experience Center with an otherworldly art installation, craft displays and hands on activities and a periodic floor show. We watched a man sing (well) opera in Korean and Italian (“O sole mio” in Seoul!) and a woman do expressive modern dance to Korean and American songs (including Sinatra’s “My way.”) If only we were not half awake. O’Hare and Healthrow, take note!!

We also ate some very good, albeit pricey (especially after Vietnam) Japanese/Hawaii food – chicken Katsu/udon noodles and poke salad — (bypassing the Quiznos option) and browsed in the higher quality than usual shops. I also enjoyed the Japanese style (or is it also Korean style?) spraying toilets. The art installation is a giant glass mosaic globe that you walk into and see yourself in many refracted glass pieces, sort of like being part of a kaleidoscope. The sound was odd in there too.

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