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Bon voyage to my brother – off to Spain and France

Have a great trip M and H! Here’s a few parting words of advice – most fairly obvious but just in case….

In Barcelona, see any and all things Gaudi – the half-done church/temple (Sagrada Familia);  the really cool park (Park Guell, it’s out of the way but worth the trip). We also visited another house in the city that I can’t remember the name of – both Casa Batllo and Casa Mila look incredibly cool. (We got the Gaudi bug in Barcelona and everywhere else we visited in Spain, we searched out nearby Gaudi buildings.)

In the Dordogne, remember to check out the “art way” (“chemin des arts” billed as “a funny way” to experience Sarlat. I think they meant “a fun way”)  and one of our favorites, Sophie Noellet’s studio at 4-6 rue Alberic Cahuet.. And of course the outdoor market (I bought foie gras there for dad…) And here’s a long-shot request: We bought Lily her favorite all time necklace in Sarlat – which she  lost last summer in the Dominican Republic.  We found it  at a little unimpressive-looking  postcard-gift shop  just off the artist’s studio walk. It was a horseshoe nail  bent into the shape of a heart on a string of rawhide. Nothing fancy or expensive – but if by some remote chance you find something like it, please buy and I’ll reimburse you.

In Talloires, I’d love to know if the Hotel Beau Site is still there. And the Annecy market of course. And the Gorge du Fier.

Have a wonderful time! x0x,b

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Barcelona stylish budget hotels

Last I heard my brother was looking for a hotel to stay at in Barcelona. We were there in 1989 but don’t remember our hotel being anything special.  So here are four listed in a recent story in Budget Travel. They look like sets from a Pedro Almodovar movie:

– Chic & Basic Born – $118 a night no website address given

– 987 Barcelona – $106 a night

– Hotel Constanza – $119

– Room Mate Emma – $154

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