Saved by the hole-in-the-wall noodle shop – Kyoto


Nishiki market

Nishiki market

Just as we were succumbing to heat and fatigue on a beastly hot Saturday night in this charming city (having been turned away from two guidebook-recommended and jam-paced restaurants) we stumbled upon a tiny narrow 13-seat curry noodle and steak restaurant just south of the Nishiki Market that came well recommended by three young Japanese women who had just finished eating there (and they spoke English.) Dirck dubbed the steak among the best he’s had (high praise from a Kansan). My orange-colored noodle curry was excellent too ( although I tried not to watch the cook through the curtains beside our table sloshing stuff on the floor. We later got a business card, so there is a name to share: Itadore. We at lunch at another noodle place nearby,  Gontaro.

The bullet train (Shinsaken Nozomi) got us here in. 2.5  hours. My only issue was motion sickness. We managed to take the subway with help from some older women. Hotel Gran Ms Kyoto has a vague hip vibe and great location, but is a bit drab.  Too tired to write more. Brutally hot and humid, as warned but cool city to explore.

image                                                     Steak and curry at Itadore

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