Great day in Lima

Great day in Lima. The place we are staying is extraordinary.
We woke up this morning to discover that we are staying in an art gallery. There is art everywhere…huge bronze sculpted horses and other figures on the green lawn outside our balcony overlooking the sea and on the floor below us whole rooms full of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, mosaics. For our break laser we went outside our timbered house into a courtyard again full of dramatic sculptures, several pre-columbian influenced into a kitchen made of wood, brick, cast iron, everywhere we looked was a sight. The best sight of all was our son n. who we haven’t seen since August. We wandered with him down some curving steps at the edge of the back lawn and found ourselves at a stunning ceramic pool surrounded by ceramics and sculpture and beautiful vegetation. We heard some music coming from another building with vaulted brick ceilings. And lo and behold it was the artist victor Delfin, whose art is all over this place. He was painting a large canvas with a palate of heavy oils with the ocean crashing onto the shore behind him. He showed us all around his studio and more rooms filled with his dramatic art. I highly recommend this place…Second Home Peru. later in the day we saw a hinge sculpture by Delfin in a lovely park on a high cliff overlooking the ocean in the Miraflores neighborhood.
We are nearby in the arty Barranco neighborhood. Midday we went to Miraflores to meet the family our son is living with. lovely people. They took us to a private club down by the beach …Club de Rigatos in the Chorrillos neighborhood where we had our first proper Peruvian meal at San Telmo Cafe. The place was packed with people enjoying Sunday lunch. I had a delicious seafood soup in a flavorful red broth packed with clams, fish, octopus. We also tried some other classic dishes: causa (yellow mashed potatoes with lemon, chili and garlic sculpted into a block layered with different fillings. we had one with crabmeat, another with chicken. We also tried a delicious creamy drink called algarrobina, that reminded me a little of baileys but better and a passion fruit pisco sour.

Later we went to a remarkable outdoor mall tucked into a cliff by the ocean that you couldn’t tell was a mall from the road. Full of people. We had churros, which we dunked in thick hot chocolate and split a sandwich named after the snack bar we ate at called Manolo, that was packed with chicken, ham, bacon, cheese, and a pickle. I have to agree with my son that the pickle added that je ne sais quas…or whatever the Spanish equivalent is. We walked part of the way back to barranca on a balmy humid night high above the coastline which looked magical lined with light and a lit up cross in the distance.


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November 5, 2012 · 3:14 am

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