When next in NE Iowa – Dotzy’s Cafe and Saloon


Dotzy’s floor was made from 275,000 pennies.

Next time I’m in one of my favorite areas of Iowa – the northeast near Decorah and the Upper Iowa River – I must remember to stop in at Dotzy’s Cafe and Saloon in Elgin for a meal. Heard about it from the Iowa Farm Bureau’s “Family Living” (which my husband edits) – looks like it has a great “Cowboy Burger” with cheddar cheese, bbq sauce and crispy onion rings. The place was opened about a year ago by Danielle Dotzenrod, a former Elgin local who returned to town after moving away as a teenager to become a model, actress and single. She’s still in the biz – (see photo below) somehow hosting two shows for the Tennis Channel while also minding the cafe/saloon in Iowa.

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