Bombing in Boston – words cannot express…

Just heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon and trying to process – if that’s even possible – and make sure that various friends and relatives who live in the area are okay. We just got word that our niece Nora M. (not our niece Nora F. who goes to school at U Mass in Amherst) is in her office building downtown, which is under lock down. From what I can tell, one of the bombs went off about five minutes from where my best friend from high school lives in Back Bay (I visited her there last fall and we walked on a beautiful day to the T station near what is now a bomb scene.

I remember fondly watching the Boston Marathon  when I lived in Boston in the early 1980’s – and the thought of a bombing going off in that crowd is a little too real.  I was thinking about the marathon today after hearing it would include a special tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. I am at a loss for words.

The Boston Marathon Logo

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