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Looking for cool quirky places to stay? Check here:design tripper blog!

Was intrigued to read in the NYTimes Sunday about a travel blogger/writer Meghan McEwen,  whose blog Design Tripper Check it out here not only focuses on places to stay around the world that are  design-oriented places – in the sense that they are “quirky” and have a feel or authenticity that reflects their surroundings/neighborhood (think Longman & Eagle in Chicago or Porches in the Berkshires; ) — but has dared to open up one such place in her hometown  (which is also near my hometown)…Detroit. on-the-lookout-for-quirky-places-to-stay Her inn is a small place called Honor and Folly in the Corktown neighborhood near the old Briggs (Tiger) stadium and the crumbling hulk of Detroit’s once grand train station, above the BBQ restaurant , Slows, which we tried to eat at a few years ago when I was visiting but it was too packed on a Sunday night (this is a good thing but still…) to get a table without a long wait. I’d love to stay at the inn but it’s booked over Thanksgiving when we need a place to stay. It’s also a bit pricey for us – as these quirky places can be  –  one room is $165 a night but two rooms is a very reasonable $215.  I’ve found a hotel with less character but a more affordable price ($95) near my  childhood stomping ground of Huntington Woods/Royal Oak.Honor & Folly

McEwen has a great eye and tastes very similar to mine.   Her website doesn’t include places in some of my usual haunts – such as Iowa – or recent places I’ve visited including Peru, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Breaux Bridge Louisiana  where I managed to find some great places that are perhaps design-tripper worthy! Another website with a similar bent is http://www.welcomebeyond.com

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Farmers Market at Beaumont. hospital in royal Oak, Michigan

Surprised to find a farmers market outside Beaumont Hospital where I am spending the day awaiting my fathers surgery to be completed. Nice idea and picked up some blueberries. Also a
Surprisingly good cafe inside the hospital, the Mackimac Cafe, with an excellent tuna sandwichand peanut butter cookies. Bakery looked great. Takes the edge off to have this. Comfort food when we need it

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who’s who in Toluca Lake (LA)?

So I’d never heard of Toluca Lake, a neighborhood of Los Angeles until about a month ago when my brother and his family moved there. Now I’m noticing it more – along with all things L.A. – and according to the latest issue of People Mag – Miley Cyrus lives there. Golly. And fun fact: The oldest Bob’s Big Boy in America is just across the border in Burbank! (Wonder how it stacks up against the Big Boy of our youth in Royal Oak, Michigan?)

Decided to see what other celebs have lived there and here’s what the internet tells me – I’m pretty sure some of these people are no longer alive (Frank Sinatra, Lawrence Welk?):

Statue in front of Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Burbank, California.

* Steve Abbott,actor
* Julie Andrews, actress and singer
* Jonathan Antin, hairstylist
* Drake Bell, actor and singer
* Jack Black, actor
* Brooke Burns, actress
* Ann Blyth, actress and singer
* Steve Carell, actor
* Peter Casey, television writer
* Bing Crosby, singer and actor
* Billy Ray Cyrus, actor and singer
* Doris Day, singer and actress; animal rights advocate
* Kat Dennings, actress
* Rick Dees, radio personality
* Roy E. Disney, director and producer
* Hilary Duff, actress and singer
* Kirsten Dunst, actress
* Amelia Earhart, aviatrix
* Zac Efron, actor
* W. C. Fields, actor
* Larry Fine, actor
* Redd Foxx, comedian and actor
* Andy García, actor
* Jenny Garth, actress
* Harold Greene, news anchorman
* Andy Griffith. actor
* Christopher J. Harrell, musician, philanthropist
* Brett R. Henry, photographer and writer
* Steve Hofstetter, comedian and radio personality
* Vanessa Hudgens, actess,singers
* Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress
* William Holden, actor
* Bob Hope, actor
* Moe Howard, actor
* Wayne Knight, actor
* George Lopez, actor, comedian
* Leonard Maltin, film critic
* Garry Marshall, director and producer
* Eric McCormack, actor
* Roger Miller, song writer and singer
* Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor
* José Offerman, Major League baseball player
* Jonas Brothers, singers (Joe, Nick, and Kevin)
* Markie Post, actress
* Brenda Song, actress, singer, model
* Frank Sinatra, singer, actor
* Kelly Sweet, singer
* Alan Thicke, actor
* Ashley Tisdale, actress, singer
* Forrest Tucker, actor
* Jim Tully, author
* Denzel Washington, actor
* Scott Weiland, singer, lyricist
* Lawrence Welk, band leader
* Dawn Wells, actress
* Eric West, Cinematographer
* Henry Winkler, actor
* Cary Woodworth, actor, musician
* Joanne Worley, actress, comedian



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Leo’s/Royal Oak and Lou Malnati’s in Chicago

Made it home without a hitch yesterday after a 5.5 hour drive from Chicago which started with some very stormy weather. Didn’t have much time to explore the city since we were just passing through but did get a take out pizza from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – an outpost of which recently opened in my aunt’s Gold Coast neighborhood in the old Anthropologie building. Looked like a fun place to eat – especially the outdoor patio. We opted for takeout and thin crust, not Chicago thick. It was good  – especially the unusual crust that I believe is made with cornmeal – but wasn’t that bowled over. Certainly will try again. Another place to remember – the original Heaven on Seven, a Cajun restaurant downtown near the old Marshall Field’s and near my stepdaughter’s new place of employment. Comes well recommended by several.

Before leaving Michigan, we had to cram in a trip to Leo’s Coney Island in Royal Oak for my son who happily and quickly devoured two Coneys. And I do need to add – for one blog reader who protested – that Lafayette Coney Island was much more crowded when we tried to go there Saturday night than when we passed by midday Saturday. Unfortunately it was so busy that we couldn’t find a place to park and had to forego our visit.

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