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Looking for cool quirky places to stay? Check here:design tripper blog!

Was intrigued to read in the NYTimes Sunday about a travel blogger/writer Meghan McEwen,  whose blog Design Tripper Check it out here not only focuses on places to stay around the world that are  design-oriented places – in the sense that they are “quirky” and have a feel or authenticity that reflects their surroundings/neighborhood (think Longman & Eagle in Chicago or Porches in the Berkshires; ) — but has dared to open up one such place in her hometown  (which is also near my hometown)…Detroit. on-the-lookout-for-quirky-places-to-stay Her inn is a small place called Honor and Folly in the Corktown neighborhood near the old Briggs (Tiger) stadium and the crumbling hulk of Detroit’s once grand train station, above the BBQ restaurant , Slows, which we tried to eat at a few years ago when I was visiting but it was too packed on a Sunday night (this is a good thing but still…) to get a table without a long wait. I’d love to stay at the inn but it’s booked over Thanksgiving when we need a place to stay. It’s also a bit pricey for us – as these quirky places can be  –  one room is $165 a night but two rooms is a very reasonable $215.  I’ve found a hotel with less character but a more affordable price ($95) near my  childhood stomping ground of Huntington Woods/Royal Oak.Honor & Folly

McEwen has a great eye and tastes very similar to mine.   Her website doesn’t include places in some of my usual haunts – such as Iowa – or recent places I’ve visited including Peru, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Breaux Bridge Louisiana  where I managed to find some great places that are perhaps design-tripper worthy! Another website with a similar bent is http://www.welcomebeyond.com

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Cranbrook, Royal Oak, Greektown

My dad noted yesterday that he’s been to Detroit more in the two days I’ve visited than he has for days or months prior. Good sport! We tried to go to Slows BBQ, the trendy place rising from the ashes in the Corktown neighborhood across from the haunting hulk that was once Detroit’s train station. The place looked great – but the wait was  one and a half hours. No thanks. We drove onto Greektown where we had a nice meal (after a five minute wait) at Pegasus Taverna. (I was surprised to see that the place we used to go – the name escapes me – is now a hole in the ground. Literally.)

In the morning we rode bikes through Huntington Woods, Berkeley and Royal Oak on a pretty Sunday morning – I forgot how easy riding a bike is here, the streets so flat and wide, lined with pretty well-tended homes and long flat green lawns. Later, we stopped at Sanders’ Ice Cream shop where I had the first hot fudge cream puff I’ve had since I was about 8 years old and went to the old Sanders in Royal Oak. The original Sanders ice cream fountains closed eons ago but someone bought the name (and maybe the secret recipe) and is opening fountains all over the burbs (but not in Royal Oak.) The fudge is as good as ever (and has been available even after the fountains closed.) We had a groupon that for $9 got us up to $18 of food stuffs. Later we drove and walked around the spectacular grounds of Cranbrook, where I went to high school  – and even bumped into a former favorite math teacher of mine.

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