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Looking for cool quirky places to stay? Check here:design tripper blog!

Was intrigued to read in the NYTimes Sunday about a travel blogger/writer Meghan McEwen,  whose blog Design Tripper Check it out here not only focuses on places to stay around the world that are  design-oriented places – in the sense that they are “quirky” and have a feel or authenticity that reflects their surroundings/neighborhood (think Longman & Eagle in Chicago or Porches in the Berkshires; ) — but has dared to open up one such place in her hometown  (which is also near my hometown)…Detroit. on-the-lookout-for-quirky-places-to-stay Her inn is a small place called Honor and Folly in the Corktown neighborhood near the old Briggs (Tiger) stadium and the crumbling hulk of Detroit’s once grand train station, above the BBQ restaurant , Slows, which we tried to eat at a few years ago when I was visiting but it was too packed on a Sunday night (this is a good thing but still…) to get a table without a long wait. I’d love to stay at the inn but it’s booked over Thanksgiving when we need a place to stay. It’s also a bit pricey for us – as these quirky places can be  –  one room is $165 a night but two rooms is a very reasonable $215.  I’ve found a hotel with less character but a more affordable price ($95) near my  childhood stomping ground of Huntington Woods/Royal Oak.Honor & Folly

McEwen has a great eye and tastes very similar to mine.   Her website doesn’t include places in some of my usual haunts – such as Iowa – or recent places I’ve visited including Peru, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Breaux Bridge Louisiana  where I managed to find some great places that are perhaps design-tripper worthy! Another website with a similar bent is http://www.welcomebeyond.com

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