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More amazing dining options at Beaumont Hospital. No kidding

So last week we also discovered another corner of the food court at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and darned if it wasn’t an outpost of Papa Joes, the fabulous gourmet market a little further north on Woodward (or Hunter) in Birmingham. Food there and here looks great. Gateway Market in Des Moines listen up….you could do this in Des Moines at Iowa Methodist!! (and maybe you already are)




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Red Coat Tavern burger and Rays ice cream- suburban Detroit

One might get the impression that all I am doing during this visit to suburban Detroit is eating which isn’t entirely true but not sure you really want a blow by blow account of the molasses slow days in the Intensive care Unit of William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. Food, even more than usual,
has been my main source of comfort and entertainment, hence you get yet another gastro post. We went last night to a place on Woodward Avenue I must have passed a bazillion times and not noticed. The Redcoat Tavern. That’s the downside of having a business on a retail-lined main drag. Takes a lot to get noticed. it’s got a faux New England exterior of grey narrow wood slats and a Redcoat portrait. inside it feels like a warm and cozy pub with lots of red leather and wood and really superb burgers…hulking patties of beef cooked as rare as you want (a rare find, mine was pink enough that the bun was a bit gooey from the juice) and thick battered onion rings, a great beer list. perfect place to unwind from the real world of a hospital.

another good place to do that is Ray’s ice cream on Coolidge where I did the highly unusual and went for a “kids cup” by myself that was about four heaping scoops packed into a paper cup for $3. Cannot imagine how much ice cream the adult cup holds. but as comfort food goes, it did the trick. I had chocolate with bits of malted balls and coffee with bits of heath bars.

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Greek islands/ Commonwealth Cafe in Birmingham; Gemmayze in Royal Oak, Mi.

We got a rude reminder of how bad hospital cafeteria food can be when we found the Mackinac Cafe at Beaumont hospital  closed in the evening (we’d dined there well for lunch)and had to go to the nearby cafeteria, although the tuna and egg salad was okay.

But we also got out of the hospital a little for lunch and had some solid Greek diner fare in Birmingham at  Greek Islands, where we had: chicken/lemon/rice soup, gyro, Greek salad, baklava, the whole shebang.  Across the street is a trendy cafe, Commonwealth Cafe, that comes well recommended for its fried egg sandwich and cappuccino, among other things.

In Royal Oak, we went to a good Middle Eastern restaurant,  Gemmayze Lebanese Kitchen, sitting at the bar on high stools watching fresh pita come out of the rustic oven and eating it warm with hummus.

City of Royal Oak

Pictured left to right: Downtown Royal Oak, the National Shrine of the Little Flower church, the Rackham Memorial Fountain at the Detroit Zoo, and the Woodward Dream Cruise.

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Farmers Market at Beaumont. hospital in royal Oak, Michigan

Surprised to find a farmers market outside Beaumont Hospital where I am spending the day awaiting my fathers surgery to be completed. Nice idea and picked up some blueberries. Also a
Surprisingly good cafe inside the hospital, the Mackimac Cafe, with an excellent tuna sandwichand peanut butter cookies. Bakery looked great. Takes the edge off to have this. Comfort food when we need it

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