Drive to Oslo airport

Playing post-vacation catch-up…


I’m at  Gatwick Airport in London, days after our drive to the Oslo airport, which turned out to be longer and more scenic than expected from Solvern. Most of it was on two lane roads past fjords, mountains, bucolic countryside. It took about six hours, in part due to traffic (This is prime vacation time for Norwegians.) and some bad road marking nearer to the airport, which led to a few wrong turns. About midway, we stopped at a gas station (in Hemsedal?) and discovered a surprisingly hygge cafe across the street where we had a great coffee and pastry and chatted with a Norwegian guy (he had three dogs in tow.) Found out we were in a popular ski area. He went to the U of Utah on a skiing scholarship and met his American wife there. They lived in the states for awhile. Now raising their kids in Norway.

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