Under the bridges tour, Ostermalm Saluhall (Lisa elmqvist),Urban deli, Francine and Russ – Stockholm

Playing catch up with my posts:

Francine and Russ arrived from London this evening and we met them at their airbnb, a stone’s  throw from ours in Sodermalm, the so-called Brooklyn of Stockholm. Great to see them! We had a fun dinner outside among a lively crowd of young and often gorgeous Swedish people at Urban Deli in SoFo (south of Folkungagatan Street) in Sodermalm, a trendy area with interesting restaurants, cafes and shops. Our sweet and very attractive young waiter served us a mixed grill platter ( sausage, sirloin tips, grilled chilis) plus fresh oysters and a veggie burger for Russ.  Very lively and fun scene.

Dirck and I started our day by taking the #55 bus to Ostermalm, a tony neighborhood where we walked through the famous food  hall (actually a temporary version of the saluhall) and ate pricey seafood at Lisa Elmqvist, a famous place my parents ate 25 years ago. The Under the Bridges boat tour turned out to offer far more lively and current commentary on life in Stockholm than expected and was gorgeous two hour ride. We shared our table with two funny gay guys from Austin.


Stockholm is more grand and stately than we expected. But cool too and full of some very stunning people, as my mother noted in her travel journal 25 years ago. It kind of feels like Copenhagen’s older sister, a little more suave and sophisticated. (Not that I am more suave and sophisticated than my sisters….)

Our neighborhood, Sodermalm, does feel a bit like Brooklyn. We’ve seen lots of tattoos, man buns, ethnic people, older everyday people, creative types. Our Airbnb is in an apartment in an attractive modern building on the ring road (Ringvägen) in Sodermalm, not in the trendiest area but an easy walk to it. Our host looks like an older model, wears youthful clothes well, and she warmly welcomed us and left cardamon cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) out for us this morning. We have our own private space  – a comfortable small bedroom that looks out onto a quiet courtyard and the shared bath is fine. Seems luxurious after sharing a bathroom with three other rooms in Norway.

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