Gramla Stan, Grand hotel smorgasbord, Sweden-England soccer match,exploring Sodermalm (Woodstockholm) – Stockholm

Fun day as tourists with Francine and Russ. Nice to have them lead the way! We roamed around the old town of gramla Stan, arriving at the royal palace just in time for the changing of the guard, this time complete with a marching band. Lots of tourists roaming the narrow cobbled lanes and gift shops selling $49 T-shirts.

We decided to splurge on the smorgasbord at The Grand Hotel, which was a trip. Lots of fish, herring, meats, desserts. Once was enough, I am ready to slow down on the eating.

In the afternoon we joined most of Stockholm or so it seemed to watch Sweden vs. England in the World Cup semi finals. Francine and Russ were in the distinct minority, wearing their English football shirts at the Sodermalm bar where we watched the game outside on the street in a crowd spilling onto the street. England won unexpectedly 2-0 and the crowd was very tolerant of Francine jumping up and down in victory.

We wandered around the cobbled lanes of northern Sodermalm and took in some great views of the rest of the city and did some people watching of the attractive young people gathered at various cafes and pubs, including a furniture designer/restaurant called  Woodstockholm.

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