Oriental theater/beautiful, RH 3 arts cafe…Chicago


RH 3 arts club

RH 3 arts club

How smart of the production of the Carole king musical “beautiful” to invite the audience to sing during the cast bows. I couldn’t have been the only middle aged woman dying to sing songs I still know from heart and used to sing soulfully at the top of my lungs as a kid. needless to say, I loved the musical (thank you MAT) and it was also a treat to see it in the stunningly ornate Oriental theater downtown.



We had an excellent lunch today in the elegant Gold Coast brick mansion that used to house art students and is now home to RH, aka Restoration Hardware but unlike any RH I’ve ever been to. You can wander around five elegant floors with oversized dramatic furnishings, massive chandeliers, beds, sofas, art work, topi arises. I gather its a designer showroom, not your every day retail store. The 3 arts club is a lovely restaurant in a glass topped atrium of a two story brick courtyard. It reminded me of the courtyard at the DIA (Detroit Institute of ARt) which was the height of elegance when I was a kid. Good food here too – burgers, a fresh roasted root vegetable and grains salad. It happens to be around the corner from my aunt’s house. I will definitely be back.

Beautiful oriental theater

Beautiful oriental theater

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