Trying out Roka on Court Avenue in downtown Des Moines

With all the caucuses craziness going on, I neglected to report on our recent visit to the restaurant Roka on Court Avenue in Des Moines.  The place was packed with young, attractive 30-somethings (who are these people?) when we visited on a Saturday night in January – and it was a good place for our group of seven to have drinks and share some “small plates” – highlights including pork belly tacos,  flatbread with mushrooms and goat cheese, Asian lettuce wraps and pork sliders.  I had to sit NOT facing the giant television screen behind our table or else I would have found myself completely distracted by the classic film, “Casablanca” which was on view. With all the commotion going on – when dozens of people crowd into a small cozy brick-walled bar – who needs TV screens alight with movies and ball games ( although mine is a minority opinion…)pixtoprintpatti


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