good hospital dining cont’d: this time at Chicago’s Northwestern Hospital

imageI learned a few years ago at Beaumont Hospital in suburban Detroit that hospital food ain’t what it used to be. Beaumont had some great options, including a farmers market!image

Now here we are at Chicago’s Northwestern hospital and my aunt dined on healthy fare (the el verde bowl with grains, corn, avocado, chicken) from Protein Bar (akin to Juice Press in NYC) and I had a plate with chicken kebab plate with hummus, feta, tatsiki, etc from Greek Kitchen, also good. other options include Vietnamese food, au Bon pain (with fresher looking pastries than I’ve seen at other locations), Starbucks and dunkin donuts. We also gave a very nice private room with a bed, couch and desk overlooking a large window with a view of snowy Lake Michigan. very nice, especially since we are here for 5 hours.

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