Leopold, Monastery, Mercado de ribera, riverfront, pull and bear, Povo – Lisboa!

Monasterio in Belen

Monasterio in Belem

Busy day and late night so will be brief. Highlights:

    • Dinner last night at Leopold, a five-table place with almost experimental food, with an emphasis on using the freshest and most indigenous ingredients available here. All diners were served  a six or seven course tasting menu of concoctions we could never duplicate and will never eat again. Delicious.
    • Visit to the stunning Monasterio in Belem, where we even got to hear a choir singing Congolese (we think) songs. Talk about great acoustics.
    • Lunch at the fantastic Mercado de Ribera, a mammoth food hall with dozens of equally appetizing options.
    • The revived waterfront which was packed with people on a sunny Sunday and the elegant Placo de commerce (?) on the riverIMG_0873.JPG
    • Shopping at Pull and Bear, a Spanish version of H&M where we got some stuff to replace what was stolen (the fun part of getting your car broken into…)
    • A delicious dinner of tapas and heartbreaking Fado music in a tiny room at Povo (with Sardines and octopus and beer at the nearby Sol de Pesce, a clever little bar with shelves lined with tins of sardines and anchovies and tuna and decorated with fishing gear. Clever.
Fado at Povo

Fado at Povo

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