Bolt Bus from NYC to DC?

I am contemplating a trip from NYC to DC in August and found a handy roundup of bus options from the Washington Post. (see above) Bolt Bus looks like a good option from what I can tell. Otherwise, Amtrak although it’s pricier.


Prevost X3-45 #0800 departs New York City
Slogan Bolt for a Buck


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2 responses to “Bolt Bus from NYC to DC?

  1. Bolt Bus is a great option. I’ve taken it countless times. I prefer Boltbus to Megabus also. The pickup location in NYC is more convenient and their buses are more consistently high quality. Megabus does run more often though so I’ve been forced to take that when Bolt Bus sells out/doesn’t fit my schedule.

    • betsyrubiner

      Hi Shane,
      What fun to hear from you!!! And good to know re Bolt Bus(if I go to NYC it’s to see your mom!). Hope you’re doing well. (Ireland sounded great). x0x,b

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