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Wedding in Union Station, the Wolverine Amtrak to Detroit, the 3rd Coast , Chengdu impression, Pianto Pronto— Chicago

The first thing I saw when I entered Union Station around 12:30 pm on a Sunday was a bride, alone at the top of a white marble staircase, dressed in a sleeveless white dress, holding a bouquet and waiting expectantly. We exchanged smiles through our eyes since I was wearing a mask. This was not what I expected on the Wolverine Amtrak train from Chicago to Detroit (or in my case, Dearborn in suburban Detroit.) I’ve always wanted to ride this train. I love trains, so here I am. For five hours on a cold, grey, damp day with the occasional snow flake.

Very comfortable seats and all seats taken. My only complaint is very dirty window so it’s hard to see beyond it. Also makes a grey gloomy day even greyer and gloomier.

Indiana scene via Amtrak

Apparently for a fee, you can have your wedding photos taken in the grand lobby of Union station, which is what was happening when I arrived, and for a presumably higher fee, you can have your wedding there.

We didn’t do much of tourism note, beyond hang out with our grandsons and their parents. But we did have a good diner-type lunch/brunch (tuna melt, but, Greek omelette) at 3rd Coast, a somewhat hidden neighborhood hangout near my aunt’s on the Gold Coast that somehow I’ve never heard of in the 35 years or so that I have been visiting her.

We also had excellent takeout Szechwan Chinese food from Chengdu Impression, in Lincoln park (I think) which made me think of a friend who grew up in that city and still lives there so I sent her greetings and a photo of the restaurant via WhatsApp, which she got a kick out of. And we picked up a sandwich (dolce di Parma) to go Andersonville at Pianto Pronto

A highlight of our visit
The other highlight

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Bolt Bus from NYC to DC?


I am contemplating a trip from NYC to DC in August and found a handy roundup of bus options from the Washington Post. (see above) Bolt Bus looks like a good option from what I can tell. Otherwise, Amtrak although it’s pricier.


Prevost X3-45 #0800 departs New York City
Slogan Bolt for a Buck


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Walking for miles in providence, r.i. But still have wallet!

As I did yesterday in Salem, mass, i did again today in providence rhode island, I walked for miles exploring the city…except this time I held onto my wallet, checking several times during the trip. A few highlights/observations:

– the train from Boston to providence was easy andfast. Only 40 minutes or so. Hardestpart is figuring out the Amtrak schedule which is confusing. And it’s important to check out the train priceswhich vary, from $54 to$14

– the city is sleepy on aSunday and many of the good restaurants are closed. I am staying at the Hampton suites downtown. So far so good. It is in a surprisinglylovely 1920s building with a high ceilinged ornate lobby/breakfast area.

– I walked all the way from the hotel to ears providence and black stone walking path along the river. The path wasn’t impressive but I walked thu many lovely oldneighborhoods.Ended up at India point park which was pretty at sunset although the water view was more industrial thanexpected. I liked the bohemian neighborhood. Along wickenden street and saw severaltechnic restaurants that looked promising but I wasn’t hungry (I ate a late lunch – a falafel wrap – at a middle eastern deli in the brown university college town I have been to before.

– one of the prettier streets I wa

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