The eternal question: Gates vs. Bryant’s?

Just stopped for lunch in Kansas City at Arthur Bryant’s for Barbecue, en route to wichita. We usually go to Gates because we prefer their sauce. But we wanted our Israeli visitor to experience the BBQ joint character of Bryant’s, which is in a distinctive building in an old neighborhood, with photos pf presidents and other visiting celebs on its worn walls, endearingly scruffy tables and floors, a line that snakes past the windowed meat counter. But I still have to say that I prefer Gates…mainly because of its sauce – which is sweeter and more ketchupy than Bryant’s – and it’s burnt ends which are dry and crispy rather than slathered in BBQ sauce like Bryant’s and its riba which seem meatier. Bryant’s does win the fries competition, with crispier more flavorful fries.And it does have another sauce beyond its original called “rich” that is closer to Gates. if only Gates didn’t feel like a fast food chain inside.

This is a photo of lily and Michal, who is from Rehovot, Israel, at a rest area near Ottawa, Kansas where it is oddly cool and rainy for a Kansas summer day.


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