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The latest restaurant picks for New Orleans

These from my stepdaughter Emma’s friend Jenny who lives in NOLA and knows her stuff! Thanks Emma and Jenny!

1. Gabrielle – https://www.facebook.com/GabrielleRestaurant (#1 on Eater’s Heat Map).  It’s OUTSTANDING – we had such an amazing meal here.  Word of warning – it’s like 1.5 blocks from where I live, aka it’s in a rather economically depressed area, so it’s not the most charming exterior or surroundings.  But it’s definitely a fine dining experience.
2. Bywater American Bistro – Nina Compton’s new restaurant – soft opening has been going on this week.  Chas is actually going to be server there! He’s said the food is amazing.  slated as one of the year’s bigger openings, it’ll be a trendy stop for all foodies.  it’s purposefully more casual so maybe lunch?
3. Compere Lapin – Nina Compton’s other restaurant – if they haven’t already dined there, it’s really, really good.
4. Toup’s (another Top Chef alum) – really good, very creative Cajun dining experience.  All I’ll say is …. bone marrow, from the bone, followed up with a whiskey shot taken through the bone, like a bone luge.  Yeah.  amazing.
5. Gautreau’s – great fine dining, tiny lil spot hidden in Uptown, very romantic.  we had a great meal.
6. Coquette – excellent beautifully plated food, chefs just got nominated for their first Beard Award – South region.  If they can’t squeeze it in for dinner, Coquette also does an outstanding brunch.
Also Couchon and Couchon Butcher is always a hit.  For brunch, I think Elizabeth’s in the Bywater is outstanding.  For a fun outdoors experience, Bacanal is awesome.  It’s basically a cheese and wine shop with a big back yard and live music.

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More New Orleans restaurant recommendations


Everyone I talk to who has spent time in New Orleans has her own recommendations of the best, classic New Orleans  restaurants to eat and  only seldom do I see overlap from one list to the other, which means I need A LOT MORE TIME in New Orleans than we’ll actually have during our trip next month. But here’s another list of impassioned recommendations – this one from my hair stylist who used to live in NOLA:

But – Irene’s Cuisine is my favorite!! Very New Orleans through and through. Great location (heart of the Fr Qtr), perfect ambiance, and excellent Italian/New Orleans food. My favorite out of those 4. Cochon is great – especially if you like pork. I only went to Herbsaint once, and the gnocci appetizer was the best Ive ever had. Never been to Boucherie.
Here are some of my favorites:
Patois – the best mussels and frites of my life (uptown)
La petite grocery – a very very very good burger (uptown)
Coops Place – a true new orleans bar with perfect New Orleans food and fried chicken that is like dessert. A locals favorite. Decatur St near bywater/frenchmen. Good for lunch. (fr qtr)
Jacques-imos – New orleans food popular with locals and tourists. The best of everything the city has to offer for food. With crazy new orleans ambiance. (Uptown)
And of course Dick and Jenny’s (see photo above). All around good except for the fact you cant make reservations. Everything is understated except the food and the service. (Uptown)
Stella! – fine dining in the french quarter.
Commander’s Palace – Ive never been, but for about $200 per person you will have the best brunch you’ve ever had. Famous for Bananas Foster.

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fantastic recommendations for new orleans!


Given how packed with tourists New Orleans promises to be when we visit in October, I’m not sure I want to share these excellent recommendations for where to eat and hear music (they come from a friend of my stepdaughter’s who lives there) but duty calls:

-Elizabeth’s – in the Bywater; they have praline bacon.  It doesn’t get better than that.
-Surrey’s – in the Lower Garden District; solid breakfast standards with lots of NOLA twists on traditional stuff (ie crab & crawfish added into stuff)
-Cafe Atchafalaya – on Louisiana Avenue just south of Magazine Street – higher end brunch, amazing crab eggs benedict.  Great place for a mimosa breakfast.
-Camellia Grill – delicious greasy diner w/ awesome omelets and waffles; in both the Quarter & way uptown near Tulane Univ.
-Cochon Butcher – in the Warehouse District (my tied-for-fave place, small & reasonably priced gourmet sandwich shop attached to Cochon, one of the nicest restaurants in town)
-Central Grocery – French Quarter (best muffalettas)
-I don’t have an opinion on the best po’boys … since I’ve heard five different answers for who has the best. But Mother’s in the Central Business District (just next to the French Quarter) is a good place to go to try out all the Cajun classics – po’boys, red beans & rice, jumbalaya, etc.
-Borgne – new restaurant from one of the best chefs in town (John Besh).  It’s fantastic, but also pricey.  This is right near the Superdome.
-Bacchanal – my other tied-for-fave place, in the Bywater.  It’s fantastic food, served in a laidback backyard, with a wine shop out front so you can buy your own wine separately; live music plays in the backyard, too.  Totally off the beaten path and really only known to locals, from what I can tell.  The whole experience is a only-in-New Orleans kinda thing.
-The Joint – great BBQ, also in the Bywater
-Company Burger or Dat Dog – good, very casual food, in the Freret Street Corridor
-Acme Oyster House – in the French Quarter.  If you want to get your oyster & crawfish fix, go here
I’d recommend going to Frenchman Street on Saturday night – every Sat at 8pm, John Boutte plays a set at d.b.a. – he’s one of the top acts in NOLA right now, and is best known for singing the opening song in HBO’s “Treme.”
At 10pm, across the street, another act, Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns, plays at the Spotted Cat.
On Thursday nights, the Soul Rebels Brass Band plays at Le Bon Temps Roule, on Magazine Street in Uptown.  I haven’t been but I’ve heard it’s fun!
Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers also plays every Thursday, at Vaughn’s in the Bywater.  He’s very popular due to being on HBO’s Treme a lot.  The one time I went to see him, Wendell Pierce (Bunk on The Wire) showed up b/c they’re friends; so, you never know who can show up at his set!
Every Tuesday, Rebirth Brass Band plays at the Maple Leaf bar in Uptown – its a late set but it’s so much fun.
Wednesdays, Treme Brass Band plays at the Candlelight Lounge in the Treme. Another good night of music.

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New Orleans Restaurants cont’d: dad weighs in



My dad weighs in with some restaurant recommendations for NOLA: (One of which we went to when I was last in New Orleans in around 1989 – Commanders Palace.)

Haven’t been to New Orleans in ages, but do remember Brennans  for breakfast as being a classic…go late at night and have breakfast. Also remember eating oysters bienville which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Also, if it still exists, Commanders Palace in the garden district was beautiful.
> http://www.commanderspalace.com/
>> http://www.brennansneworleans.com/ (see foto above)

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New Orleans Restaurant Recommendations from someone who should know

My sister-in-law-in-the-know (she was a restaurant critic for a major East Coast newspaper for years) suggests these restaurants in New Orleans (two of which I’ve already booked – Cochon and Boucherie):

Also found a good website with info on restaurants and beyond:

EAT new orleansMy sister-in-law-in-the-know (she was a restaurant critic for a major East Coast newspaper for years) recommends the following restaurants (two of which I’d already booked – cochon and boucherie):

Also found a good website for more info: www.neworleansonline.com/neworleans/cuisine/restaurants.php

A Mano
Arnaud’s (her favorite classic)
EAT (for brunch)
Her saint
Dorky chase

Chef of the YEAR (2009)
Donald Link

Cochon, Cochon Butcher, Calcasieu, Herbsaint

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