The latest restaurant picks for New Orleans

These from my stepdaughter Emma’s friend Jenny who lives in NOLA and knows her stuff! Thanks Emma and Jenny!

1. Gabrielle – (#1 on Eater’s Heat Map).  It’s OUTSTANDING – we had such an amazing meal here.  Word of warning – it’s like 1.5 blocks from where I live, aka it’s in a rather economically depressed area, so it’s not the most charming exterior or surroundings.  But it’s definitely a fine dining experience.
2. Bywater American Bistro – Nina Compton’s new restaurant – soft opening has been going on this week.  Chas is actually going to be server there! He’s said the food is amazing.  slated as one of the year’s bigger openings, it’ll be a trendy stop for all foodies.  it’s purposefully more casual so maybe lunch?
3. Compere Lapin – Nina Compton’s other restaurant – if they haven’t already dined there, it’s really, really good.
4. Toup’s (another Top Chef alum) – really good, very creative Cajun dining experience.  All I’ll say is …. bone marrow, from the bone, followed up with a whiskey shot taken through the bone, like a bone luge.  Yeah.  amazing.
5. Gautreau’s – great fine dining, tiny lil spot hidden in Uptown, very romantic.  we had a great meal.
6. Coquette – excellent beautifully plated food, chefs just got nominated for their first Beard Award – South region.  If they can’t squeeze it in for dinner, Coquette also does an outstanding brunch.
Also Couchon and Couchon Butcher is always a hit.  For brunch, I think Elizabeth’s in the Bywater is outstanding.  For a fun outdoors experience, Bacanal is awesome.  It’s basically a cheese and wine shop with a big back yard and live music.

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