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Thanksgiving order out or possible pit stop on I-80 in Eastern Iowa: Augusta Restaurant

Always looking for places to eat just off Interstate 80 in eastern Iowa (a road oft-traveled) so thanks to Jennifer Miller at the DM Register for suggesting this place Augusta Restaurant in Oxford, Iowa although not sure I can handle the turducken (photo below – that’s a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey…and it’s available for Thanksgiving order….


*Turduckens *


Turducken-( All deboned by Chef Ben A chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey with cornbread and Andouille sausage stuffing between each layer).

Includes two quarts of gravy. 120 $ NO price on the Organic Turkeys just yet.( let us know if you are interested in one)

Additional sides can be purchased (come in large metal square pans feeds 12 ) Some Prices have changed do to food costs

*Sweet Potatoes with roasted praline topping $25

*Green Bean Casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup and topped with french fried onions $25

*Cranberry Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce $15

*Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie $35

*Bread Pudding $25

All you have to do is reheat!!!!!!!!

Your whole entire Thanksgiving for up to 12 people is only 259.70!

You can purchase separately of course ,

No, having to run around shopping for everything and then cooking

plus your meal is prepared by an award winning Chef !!

Please call soon there will be a cut off . The sooner you call the more options for pick up ‘

We will be delivering to DesMoine to the Yacht Club on Ingersoll.

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Edible Iowa in Dubuque County

No, you don’t have to actually EAT Iowa but eating in Iowa is getting better everyday and Edible Iowa River Valley magazine often offers proof of this. Here’s some tips from the latest issue:

– In Dyersville, it recommends Joe’s Place for good ol American food (burgers, fries,wraps) AND a fresh Thai buffet “rumored to be excellent.” who’d a thunk it? Next up, visit Groovy Grounds, the hipster coffee joint in town.  good pastries too.  and then there’s The English Pub which word tell has a killer Bloody Mary.

– Also in Eastern Iowa’s Dubuque County: Park Farm Winery in Bankston, likened to Tuscany w/gorgeous building and grounds.

– In Dubuque, Breitbach’s Farmers Market Food Store is the place to go and I’m guessing it’s somehow related to the famous restaurant in nearby Balltown that has twice burned down and been rebuilt recently. Good restaurants there: L. May and Pepper Sprout (fanciest) and Manna Java for pizza.

All duly noted for my next visit to my favorite part of Iowa.

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