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Thanksgiving order out or possible pit stop on I-80 in Eastern Iowa: Augusta Restaurant

Always looking for places to eat just off Interstate 80 in eastern Iowa (a road oft-traveled) so thanks to Jennifer Miller at the DM Register for suggesting this place Augusta Restaurant in Oxford, Iowa although not sure I can handle the turducken (photo below – that’s a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey…and it’s available for Thanksgiving order….


*Turduckens *


Turducken-( All deboned by Chef Ben A chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in turkey with cornbread and Andouille sausage stuffing between each layer).

Includes two quarts of gravy. 120 $ NO price on the Organic Turkeys just yet.( let us know if you are interested in one)

Additional sides can be purchased (come in large metal square pans feeds 12 ) Some Prices have changed do to food costs

*Sweet Potatoes with roasted praline topping $25

*Green Bean Casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup and topped with french fried onions $25

*Cranberry Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce $15

*Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie $35

*Bread Pudding $25

All you have to do is reheat!!!!!!!!

Your whole entire Thanksgiving for up to 12 people is only 259.70!

You can purchase separately of course ,

No, having to run around shopping for everything and then cooking

plus your meal is prepared by an award winning Chef !!

Please call soon there will be a cut off . The sooner you call the more options for pick up ‘

We will be delivering to DesMoine to the Yacht Club on Ingersoll.

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Dining options during evening bike rides in Des Moines

magnolia kitchen & grocery.jpg

Above is a rendering of what the Magnolia Kitchen & Grocery food truck will look like.(Photo: Special to th

In preparation for Ragbrai, we are trying to ride our bikes at least one weekday evening a week – often Tuesdays so we can eat at Tacopocalypse stand outside the Cumming Tap (in the small town of Cumming, Iowa.) But sometimes we ride on Wednesday or Thursday on the Great Western Trail south from Des Moines when tacos aren’t an option at Cumming Tap (Wednesday, we discovered last week, is steak night there, which is a bit heavy for us.)

So I was pleased to see other options available in Jennifer Miller’s latest excellent food column for the Des Moines Register. See below! They’re not in Cumming but they are along our bike route, which includes Gray’s Lake (where Confluence Brewing is located) and the trail at 63rd and Grand (where Pal Joey’s Lounge is).

Here’s the options:

TUESDAY Magnolia Kitchen & Grocery at Pal Joey’s Lounge; Tacopacalypse at Cumming Tap

WEDNESDAY Magnolia Kitchen & Grocery at Confluence Brewing 

THURSDAY  Magnolia Kitchen & Grocery at 515 Brewing on Friday evenings or The Levee, patio on the east end of Court Avenue. Woody’s Smoke Shack food, and Confluence  beers.  open 4 p.m. to midnight Thursday.

FRIDAY  The Levee, patio on the east end of Court Avenue. Woody’s Smoke Shack food, and Confluence  beers.  open 4 p.m. to midnight Thursday.

SATURDAY   The Levee, patio on the east end of Court Avenue. Woody’s Smoke Shack food, and Confluence  beers.  open 9 p.m. to midnight

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Prospective buyers for the Hotel Pattee in Perry Iowa!

You heard it here first (maybe) but the DM Register is now confirming what I heard from a Perry shopkeeper a few weeks ago during a bike ride from Waukee to Perry – there are prospective Buyers for Hotel Pattee in Perry, a true gem of a historic hotel. Here’s hoping it happens!

Motto: Make yourself at home!

Location of Perry, Iowa

Coordinates: 41°50′24″N 94°6′0″W

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One more reason to visit Dubuque

Downtown Dubuque, Iowa, Oct 2008.

Dubuque has been high on my list for a return visit lately and here is one reason, (see below) mentioned by Lynn Hicks in the DMRegister yesterday. Last I heard, there wasn’t much in the Millwork District yet but that can and will change – certainly if Des Moines’ East Village is any indication. Dubuque has long been one of my favorite Iowa cities to visit – as I noted in my latest travel story on Iowa…for Delta Sky magazine, in which I recommended: the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium; Fenelon Place Elevator, a funicular built by a banker in 1882 to travel from his office downtown to his house atop a bluff; The Redstone Inn, among several inns located in elegant Victorian mansions; the 170-year-old  Hotel Julien Dubuque, now a boutique hotel after a $30 million renovation; contemporary Main Street restaurants like L. May Eatery; and the   old school beer-and-burger joint, Paul’s Tavern, where stuffed  Big Game animal heads are mounted on the wall.

Here’s Lynn’s blurb:

Is Dubuque hipster heaven? MSN.com has named the city’s historic Millwork District one of 10 industrial neighborhoods that are becoming “hip hangouts.”

Other neighborhoods mentioned included the Warehouse District in Cleveland, Brooklyn’s Red Hook area, Manhattan’s Meatpacking District and Dogpatch in San Francisco.

MSN.com called the Millwork District “a work in progress.” The area was once the nation’s largest manufacturing district for windows and doors, the website said. It now has about a million square feet of vacant warehouse space. City leaders have tapped into federal and state money to develop a sustainable neighborhood, creating bicycle and pedestrian-friendly streets and attracting housing, art galleries and venues and community gardens.

One of the projects under way in the district is a $29 million rehabilitation of the CARADCO building, a 186,000-square-foot millwork factory that will contain 72 residential units, commercial and retail space and room for nonprofits and arts and culture initiatives.

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