Sawmill Market, Hotel Chaco, Chello Middle eastern, Bosque Trail – Albuquerque

We found a new (to us) pocket of coolness in Albuquerque, a city we have chosen to ride out February in, living in a half-finished yet lovely adobe-style house next door to dirck’s sister and brother-in-law (who own the house we are bunking in.) The Sawmill District is dominated by the huge and super trendy Sawmill Market, a well-designed and lively food hall in a former, you guessed it, sawmill. I had excellent Vietnamese food and dirck had designer tacos, sitting outdoors in an industrial chic courtyard.

Across the street are trendized warehouse-looking buildings now housing an enormous mineral shop and another made-by-locals place. But we were blown away by the Hotel Chaco, dramatically designed to look like and pay tribute to area pueblos and Chaco Canyon, with a round high-ceilinged entryway, rugged materials and cutting-edge contemporary art by “Native American New Mexico artists.” The top floor restaurant we’re told has spectacular views of the mountains, buttes and plateau.

Today we had fast and tasty middle eastern food at Chello and then walked along the muddy Rio Grande on the dirt paths of the Bosque Trail (Bosque means forest in Spanish) stopping at a pond to bird watch.


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7 responses to “Sawmill Market, Hotel Chaco, Chello Middle eastern, Bosque Trail – Albuquerque

  1. Dana Ardary

    Looks like your retirement is off to a fantastic start. Keep the travel diary going … I’m already learning so much about some interesting places.

  2. Charlotte Angel

    Kyle’s family is from Santa Fe, so we are in NM often. If you go to Sante Fe you should go to The Shed restaurant, it does not disappoint! Kyle says definitely get the “number 4”, though I do love the mushroom soup. Let me know if you want any recommendations on hikes, and such, or anything else we can offer. Have fun and wish we could join!

    • betsyrubiner

      Charlotte?! is that really you? We are In Albuquerque for a month. Any chance you are in Santa Fe in February? I’d love to see you!!!! We’ve been to the Shed and liked! I welcome any recommendations on hikes,restaurants, galleries, whatever in Santa Fe! ( It snowed today so hikes on hold for a little.) We come here often because 3 of my husband dirck’s sibs live in ABQ. 😘

    • betsyrubiner


      • Charlotte

        Hello Betsy, yes it is I! I am really enjoying your travel blog, its great fun!

        Wish we could get to NM this month but most likely will not happen. We are planning to get back this summer.

        There are so many great hiking spots, though may not be the weather for it now.

        Bandelier National Monument is beautiful. We like a trail called Tsankawi and did it over Thanksgiving. Falls Trail may be better in the summer but good to know about.

        Tent Rocks, is another great monument, but I think it is still covid closed.

        We enjoy visiting Acama Pueblo, and though I have never been Kyle thinks Salinas Pueblo Mission is also worth seeing, as is Petroglyph National Monument.

        Other than hiking we enjoyed Meow Wolf, but have not been there in a few years.

        Also, the Museum of International Folk Art is a favorite of Kyle’s.

        The Shed is our go to place, but if you are in the mood for fancy but YUMMY, Geronimo on Canyon Road is a treat. We also like walking around that area of Santa Fe, checking out some of the art and also some of the houses in and around E. Alameda Street.

        Have a wonderful visit and I look forward to reading all about it!

      • betsyrubiner

        Delighted (and surprised) that you are reading. We will be in Santa Fe the first weekend of June for a family wedding, should you be there too! Thanks for the great suggestions. Some we’ve done, others not. (Petroglyph, Salinas Pueblo, Tent Rocks.) I just booked tix for Meow Wolf! Contemplating a trip to White Sands and return visit to Chimayo. My in-laws have lived in ABQ for 28 years so they’ve showed us many places, some on your list (acoma, bandolier) and before that I visited with my parents who had NM artists in their gallery. (My mom loved the folk art museum too, especially the kids toys, canyon road, the houses.) I usually end up in Tesuque, when in SF. Anyway, please do keep reading and commenting! 😘

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