Picnic in Steamboat Rock Iowa, Morning In Dubuque

Pretty morning after a big storm in Dubuque, Iowa. Our Airbnb is an old red brick row house in a gentrifying neighborhood downtown. Sitting on the second level wooden back deck, overlooking a narrow brick alley lined with other two story red brick houses and lots of trees, flawless blue sky where last night there were jagged shards and sometimes huge sheets of lightening, listening to the birds, the occasional passing train and cars, watching five Hispanic boys ride by in the alley on bikes, I am reminded of another river town ….Easton, Pennsylvania, except my grandma’s red brick row house was high on a hill and had a big open front porch where we used to sit for hours on old red and white wood rocking chairs.

Last night, during a pause in the storm, we drove under a double rainbow (really) past farm fields bathed in a surreal post-storm yellow light into the tiny north central Iowa town of Steamboat Rock, where we found a perfect picnic table in a small city park (wayside park) by the Iowa River, under an overhang of an old park building that shielded us from the rain still dripping off the trees and provided a lovely view from the glistening grassy river bank of birds dipping into the water. On to Wisconsin!

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