around amagansett – fish farm, springs market, sag harbor thrift shop

Went to the oddest most un-Hamptons place on Saturday for lunch, the Fish farm, a somewhat ramshackle farmed fish operation with big water tanks, ramshackle outbuildings, some geese, and a little weathered shack with some surprisingly delicious and pricey seafood. The menu off season was limited to lobster bisque and sautéed scallops with chanterelles, asparagus and fingerling potatoes, both delicous. it started to drizzle just as the cook came out with our takeaway containers so we couldn’t dine in the worn picnic table area.image

We ended up eating at an outdoor picnic area (with somewhat sheltered tables that almost kept us dry) next to a roadside deli in Amagansett. next stop the springs general store which had some cool artsy touches, including a reproduction of a Jackson pollack painting that the painter gave to the proprietor to cover his tab. The real painting is now in Paris. There was also a touching letter from a woman who brought her husband home to die in Springs. The writer was Laurie Anderson (who I first saw perform in London in 1981) and her husband….Lou Reed.

On to Sag Harbor which had far more pricey boutiques that I remembered so we ended up in the thrift store where Noah bought a Polo tie for $2 that should work well for his senate job.image

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