Thanksgiving in the Hamptons

Off season in the Hamptons is my favorite season. It also helps that the weather was unseasonably glorious for late November. In the 60s and sunny and we had the beach outside my cousin’s house In Southampton almost to our selves. We walked barefoot in the sand, which wasn’t even cold to the touch (although the water was), with beachfront mansions back from the shore and seagulls touching walking ahead of us.

I found little of interest during an hour in downtown Southampton, although Paris and Nikki Hilton sauntered into the ridiculously overpriced store where we were gawking at the prices (a cute pea coat that was 50 percent off…of $1690, I kid you not.) The teens in our group were all a twitter!

Most of our meals have been cooked by my uncle’s talented chef, but we did have basic fare at the Princess Diner, between Watermill and Southampton. And some of us had hearty Italian pasta at La Parmigiana, a surprisingly unpretentious place in Southampton.

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