Wedding at Allerton: Monticello, Illinois

Spectacular weather for a wedding on November 1, no less. Almost hot, near 70 degrees and lovely autumn light as Dirck walked Emma out of the mansion at the rural retreat Allerton, past a pond and to the man she would soon marry.

Allerton proved a lovely setting for a wedding, outside and in. The wedding was in a garden overlooking a small pond and a wooded hillside beyond as the sun started to drop. Inside, the festivities spread out across several elegant rooms including a two story library packed with old books, a main hall where Emma had spared no detail in decorating the tables with vintage travel items, orange and teal colors, and a handwritten letter in an old airmail envelope to each and every guest. She also had vintage postcards on a front desk for people to fill out if they wanted and toss into an old suitcase. We even watched the KC Royals win the World Series in the bar room! It was really nice to stay in the surprisingly spacious Gate House at Allerton after leaving the wedding at 1 am. And in the morning, we stumbled into another area of the manse for a goodbye breakfast.

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