Big Grove tavern/blind Pig Pub/kopi in champaign

Two days later: Let the wedding festivities begin! We drove in misty rain to champaign, Illinois from Des Moines, stopping in Iowa city to pick up our niece. And in Galesburg at Baked for some okay pizza and watery tomato soup.

The weather cleared briefly when we arrived (and is spectacular today for my stepdaughters wedding). My brother and I snuck away to catch up over coffee and chai at cafe kopi (which was cute place although the server erred in asking us to bus our cups when we left. Really? After we each bought $4 drinks?) tacky. (Although we didn’t mind bussing.)
The rehearsal dinner at the big grove tavern was good. Good steak, pork loin, veggies, faro (must add faro to my repertoire). Our room at the new Hyatt place here is really sleek and light and clean (and quiet!) Very pleasant.

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