Cafe le perche for brunch in Hudson New York, Mutsu apples everywhere!!

Lovely day in the Hudson Valley with my old friends from London. We are staying at M’s gorgeous 1820’s eyebrow colonial farmhouse full of antiques, cozy couches, artwork and great food and drink set on a hill overlooking forty acres and beyond of red, yellow, orange leaves blanketed rolling mountains.

Today we drove about an hour north from Salt Point to Hudson, NY, stopping en route for some Mutsu apples, my favorite at one of many fruit and veg stAnds. Hudson was, as billed, a hipster haven full of NYC types and old storefronts filled with shops – antiques, boutiques, high design furniture, clothing, cosmetics, Turkish ceramics, you name it. we had a good brunch (yes brunch) at Cafe Le Perch (excellent locally sourced eggs, bacon, home baked bread).

We are having a very relaxing girls weekend, five friends who all worked together in London in the early 1980s, two of us Brits still in living in London, three yanks (in NYC, Tucson, and Des Moines). My flight in on Thursday took an unexpected turn…we ended up being diverted to Allentown, Pennsylvania after we ran out of fuel, allegedly, circling over LaGuardia which was messed up due to bad weather. Fortunately we only stayed briefly on the Tarmac in Allentown then flew back and landed in a suddenly sunny NYC.
Circling over




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