Lady Gregory’s in Andersonville; Andy’s Thai Kitchen (again); Santorini in greektown: Chicago

we were not really hungry when we went to lady Gregory’s Pub and grille in Chicago’s Andersonville on Friday night but that is part of the reason I made a reservation there? We would be coming from a college reception At Northwestern where I wasn’t sure whether we would be fed. Turns out we were  – open bar, tons of appetizers and desserts. Lady Gregory’s had a the kind of menu where you could eat a lot or a little for not much. So I split a salad with rotisserie chicken with another diner; others had serviceable burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches and what looked like good tomato soup. we had an excellent very peppy waitress who took our shared dessert off our tab when she learned we were celebrating my sons college graduation.

The next night we went to an old favorite in Greektown, Santorini. food is fine but mostly drawn there because there were 20 of us and I knew they could handle that. A rather assertive veteran waiter did indeed! And everyone was happy with thei meals… Greek chicken, taramasalata, Greek salad, lamb kebabs et. Al. Also another trip to Andy’s Thai Kitchen which has become a tradition. Food still great. JUst wish they took credit cards.

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