Comfort in(n) LeClaire Iowa

Horrible drive last night on I 80 from Des Moines east to Le Claire, with nonstop rain and episodic bursts of rain so intense we could hardly see the road. Then there were the trucks, oblivious to the ordinary driver’s challenges, zooming past us in a blur of metal and water, spraying even more water onto our already challenged windshield wipers. Enough. We aborted plans to arrive in Chicago in time for our son’s commencement ceremony this morning and checked into a brand new Comfort Inn on a bluff above the Mississippi. Now we are on the road with better, if not totally clear, skies and will meet our son for lunch snd tomorrow’s convocation, the real event where he walks across the stage. (Today’s is the full university and some speeches and celebrities honored (Stevie wonder, Des Moines native Cloris Leachman. Would have liked to be there but glad we stopped.)

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