Two places to fix your flat along the bike trail in Des Moines!

The tire fixing station near Mullet's in Downtown Des Moines

The tire fixing station near Mullet’s in Downtown Des Moines

We have come across two flat-tire repair stations along the bike trails in Des Moines – how great! Each station has a number of tools you need to fix a flat (all attached to cords that attach to the station so someone can’t walk off with them) and even a hook so you can hoist your tire up to fix it. How cool is that? (It would be even cooler if I knew HOW to fix a flat but that’ s my issue.) I found one at the start of the trailhead south of Ashworth Pool in DSM  (en route to the Great Western Trail ) and another downtown by Mullet’s along the Principal Riverwalk by the baseball stadium.

Both were gifts from some charitable soul whom I need to mention here (when I collect her name.)  Thank you!!

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