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Las Virgenes Rd, Neptune’s Net, El Pescadore Beach, Point Mugu Beach/Malibu and Topanga Canyon

On the nicest day, weather-wise, of our visit we took a scenic drive to Malibu – down Las Virgenes Road, then along the PCH (Pacific Coat Highway) all the way to Ventura County and Point Mugu Beach, and then back up Topanga Canyon Road. Rather than another visit to Malibu Seafood, we tried Neptune’s Net, which was fun — less expensive, more fried food and range of seafood than the other place. I had good crab cakes, Dirck had fish and chips which we ate at a picnic table on a roofed open air patio with a great view of the ocean. No complaints.

I thought Point Mugu was the beach I visited a few years ago but I was mistaken. Still nice. But not quite as secluded as El Pescadore Beach (the beach I was looking for and finally found…) We saw quite  bit of damage from the fire that ravaged Malibu late last year, mostly charred trees but the vegetation may have been greener than usual, which is what happens when farmers routinely burn their pastures to spur new growth (something I learned about up close and personal in Kansas).  We stopped at the Malibu Country Mart which was surely a tongue-in-cheek name, since it’s not the least bit country. It’s a chichi shopping center. Not much there of interest. In Topanga, we stopped as usual at Cafe Mimosa where we had to endure an old hippie talking to his friend about how Obama was the “anti-Christ.” Yes, Obama. Not Trump. Wanted to tell him where to shove it but I refrained.

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Tuna Canyon Road, Malibu! Rose Avenue/Venice Beach, Silver lake

great day exploring places old and new:
– Topanga Canyon farmers market, small, good produce, baked goods, Indian food
– after coffee at Cafe Mimosa with scruffy alternative types with fancy laptops, we took a right apup,fern wood Canyon road which turned into spectacular one way Tuna Canyon Road which would down through a wild canyon to the Pacific Cost highway. Wow.
– visited some discoveries from last November! Los Pescatores beach! Malibu seafood.
– Drove south along the coast past Santa Monica to Venice , where explored emerging hip shopping area Rose Avenue, shopped at great store Golden State. must try restaurant superba.
– walked along the beach, soft sand, sun, breeze, pounding drums in the distance from the strange folks in the board walk. Window shopped on Abbott Kinney ave. (couldn’t afford to do anything but)
– dinner at cousin Scott’s in Silver lake. pretty, hilly, reminded us of San Francisco. Excellent masala chai, iced and cheese board at LA mill coffee.





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