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Nothing wrong with brunch – especially at M. Henry in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood

I was surprised and irritated by the silly anti-brunch diatribe in yesterday’s NYTimes Brunch is for Jerks which I read a day after having an excellent brunch at M. Henry, a cheerful restaurant in Chicago’s Andersonville. Talk about a first world issue. (It was the writer who sounded like a jerk.)

There were a few people waiting outside M.Henry when we arrived around 1:30 p.m. (after long drive from Iowa to Andersonville to see our son’s new apartment there) but we were whisked off to a table in a few minutes. The brunch (or was it lunch?) menu had lots of good-sounding egg and starch (french toast, waffles) options. N. and I had a delicious fried-egg sandwich (eggs, bacon, gorgonzola on crispy country-style bread served with perfectly roasted and seasoned — and hot —  potatoes); D had an interesting Mexican egg dish with bean cakes and R. had a vegan stir-fry. The place was packed but plenty of elbow-room in a cheerfully decorated space and good service. We’ll return – NYTimes diatribe notwithstanding.


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