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Steamy Chicago: eating Cuban and afghani food

Back to the USA and steamy weather – it reminded me just how lucky we were with our weather in Europe, which was warm but not muggy or humid. (When I changed planes in London Monday, it had become beastly hot.)

I met my son and stepdaughter, who both work downtown, for lunch at a good Cuban restaurant, Cafecito at 26 E. Congress Pkway (good pressed sandwiches, salads, soup, coffee and loved that it is next door to Chicago’s youth hostel); later visited the farmers market next to the federal building at Jackson and Dearborn where my son’s working (summer internship with a U.S. senator), buying some cherries, raspberries and peaches from vendors with farms in my home state of Michigan.

At night, when I took a wrong train and ended up in Skokie rather than Evanston, my son and I ended up at an excellent Afghani restaurant in Skokie – Kabul House. I had a delicious dish – lamb stew served over sautéed spinach that reminded me a bit of saag paneer.

The Sunday before I left for London (that seems like a long time ago) my aunt took us to several places she’d discovered and we’d never seen before including:

– Prairie Avenue, which has some of Chicago’s oldest homes, and a nice café.

– A hidden new neighborhood just north of the Harris Theater in Millennium Park.


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Afghani food in Skokie (illinois)

Lunch Specials - Special Plates - Murgh Koubideh Murgh Koubideh


Lunch Specials - Special Plates - KoubidehSpeaking of exotic food in unlikely places, I’ve had Algerian Food in Elkader ( Iowa ) so why not Afghani food in Skokie (Illinois)? This place comes well recommended by my stepdaughter! http://kabulhouse.com/

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