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When next in…Big Sur

My brother’s one-minute review from a recent trip to Big Sur!

so we did our trip —

over all it was great. Deetjen was a highlight. We really loved it and want to go back and stay there. We had breakfast, which was amazing. The cabins are so cool and rustic. H. definitely fell in love.
We didn’t love Monterey, but maybe because we didn’t like our hotel much (a depressing Best Western). The town seemed touristy, overpriced and nothing that special. We went through Pacific Grove and Carmel briefly and both seemed great – next time we’d stay there. Beach at Pacific Grove is super beautiful.
Big Sur drive was incredible!! But so long.
Went for a hike in Julia Pfeiffer Burns. It was nice, but not that memorable.
Point Lobos, on the other hand, was amazing. I would definitely go back there.

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Three great fall drives – one obvious; two not

Couldn’t help but be amused by three perfect fall drives recommended by People Magazine. I’ve been on all three – which is not what many could claim, I’d guess. The first is a no-brainer: Highway 1, must-see stop: Big Sur. The second isa drive along the Mississippi River, with a must-see stop : Dubuque, Iowa, which is one of my favorite cities in Iowa (and this is a drive I wrote about for the New York Times travel section several years ago.) The third drive was even more of a surprise: Highway 50 through the middle of the country. Must-see stop: Dodge City, Ks.  (With all due respect to my in-laws who live in and around Dodge, I don’t buy this one…)

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