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More good things in Des Moines – Akebono (sushi), new Farmers Market vendors, spiffed up Graziano Mkt, new East Village places

New improved Graziano’s meat counter, DSM

Good stuff keeps coming to Des Moines and this longtime resident remains thankful. Even Graziano’s, the old Italian specialty store on the south side has spiffed up with some major remodeling – and is now surrounded by new apartment complexes.

I didn’t think we’d have many people to watch as we ate on the patio at Akebono, a Japanese restaurant with good sushi, in downtown Des Moines last Saturday night but the streets were hopping. Part of it had to do with a food truck event  nearby at the Des Moines Social Club, some Kentucky Derby partygoers, some Prom kids and a crowd at the restaurant Malo but it still amazes me to see so much happening in a once obscure corner of downtown. We enjoyed Akebono’s food and service too (although the poke didn’t resemble the kind I’ve enjoyed in places like Hawaii and LA.)

The farmers market opened to a huge crowd (the weather was gorgeous) and I was pleased to see new vendors such as 5 Borough Bagels from Clive and Scenic Route Bakery from the East Village. The new HyVee also  fit right in, which is a relief. People on the HyVee patio were eating what looked like good brunch entrees including French Toast.

We stopped at Zombie Burger during a bike ride and were a bit disappointed by their new recipe for fries and the cranberry-Gorgonzola salad. We preferred the less crunchy fries and the salad with a less sweet dressing and bacon (although Zombie kindly added bacon to our salad anyway). Sitting on the patio, we took note of all the new buildings surrounding us, which makes the place feel more urban and busy, including the AC Hotel which has what we’ve been told is a great rooftop bar.

On the Great Western Trail, we were relieved to see that the changes in the trail to accommodate the Microsoft server plant and a highway near Orilla have not messed up our favorite trail. Also pleased to see that the pub Outskirtz looked more open for passing bikers on a Sunday than I’ve seen in the past.

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Good bagels in Des Moines area!

I confess: I’m a bagel snob. But the new  5 Borough Bagels in Clive is the real deal (“New York-style” although I’ve never seen a “French Toast” bagel in NYC. It’s not bad.)

Just hoping Iowans appreciate and keep these young bagel entrepreneurs in business! They even offer onion bialys, which are heavier than I’m used to but delicious.

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where to find the New York (food) classics in NYC

Katz’s on the Lower East Side, home to hand-sliced New York pastrami and hot dogs.

Talk about news we can use. Or I can use. The NYTimes has a story with suggestions on where in NYC (generally) to find the best New York classic foods – we’re talking pastrami, bagels, cheesecake, pizza et.al. I was pleased to see Russ and Daughters mentioned – and that my brother’s Park Slope neighborhood is best for bagels. (Also was intrigued by the suggestion in the story that H&H bagels may be reopening. Must investigate that.)

Here’s the list:

If all of this leaves you thirsty, forget bottled water labeled “New York.” Just turn on the tap and let it run cold. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

AQUAGRILL 210 Spring Street (Avenue of the Americas), (212) 274-0505. (Manhattan Clam chowder)

BAGEL HOLE 400 Seventh Avenue (12th Street), Brooklyn, (718) 788-4014. (mini-bagels sold at Russ and Daughters)

FAMOUS ROIO’S PIZZA 465 Avenue of the Americas (West 11th Street), (212) 243-2253.

JOHN’S OF BLEECKER STREET 278 Bleecker Street (Seventh Avenue), (212) 243-1680.

JUNIOR’S 386 Flatbush Avenue (Sterling Place), Brooklyn, (718) 852-5257. CHEESECAKE!

KATZ’S DELICATESSEN 205 East Houston Street (Ludlow Street), (212) 754-2246. HOTDOGS and PASTRAMI

KOSSAR’S BIALYS 367 Grand Street (Essex Street), (212) 473-4810.

NATHAN’S FAMOUS 1310 Surf Avenue (Stillwell Avenue), Brooklyn, (718) 946-2202.

PASTRAMI QUEEN 1125 Lexington Avenue (78th Street), (212) 734-1500.

ORWASHER’S BAKERY 308 East 78th Street, (212) 288-6569. (Rye bread – sold at Citarella and Dean and Deluca)

RANDAZZO’S CLAM BAR AND RESTAURANT 2017 Emmons Avenue (East 21st Street), Brooklyn, (718) 615-0010. CLAM CHOWDER (Manhattan style of course)

RUSS & DAUGHTERS 179 East Houston Street (Allen Street), (212) 475-4888.

ROCK HILL BAKEHOUSE 19 Exchange Street, Glens Falls, N.Y., (518) 615-0777. (Rye bread – sold at Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays)

S & S CHEESECAKE 222 West 238th Street (Broadway), Bronx, (718) 549-3888. (sold at zabars and dean & deluca)

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The Beach Cafe- Don Antonio – French Roast – MOMA’s Cindy Sherman

Before the torrential downpour on Sunday, I went to brunch on the upper west side and brought bagels from my new favorite bagel shop in NYC, Absolute Bagels, which were a big hit with my relative – no easy feat.  Walked across Central Park in the drizzle, browsed through Peru guidebooks at Shakespeare and Co. books on Lexington and 69th before visiting my aunt. we went to dinner nearby at the Beach Cafe (69th and Second Avenue)- good spagbol and chicken pot pie, comfortable neighborhood spot. Tried to take a bus back to the upper west side but the nor’easter had begun and I was soaked and buffeted by the wind within 10 minutes so managed to find a cab. best $14 I’ve spent lately.

Monday, met my college friend C. for breakfast at French Roast on 85th and Broadway. Nice easy going place. good coffee and oatmeal. Then onto MOMA which was packed with people on a rainy Monday. Was glad I had gotten a tix in advance – there was a huge long line. I also see that there’s a slight discount if you buy the ticket online (maybe $22 vs. $25 per ticket). The Cindy Sherman show was fascinating – and enjoyed the Diego Rivera Murals exhibit. also really like the free audio tour.

Met my brother for a very good lunch at Don Antonio, a gourmet pizza place with reasonable prices and nice ambiance, on w. 50th near 8th Avenue. Then walked up Fifth – didn’t get the madhouse scene in front of Abercrombie and Fitch. I’m told people are standing in line to see the shirtless buff guys who wander around the store. I’ll pass.

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