Kings cross, granary square/coal drops yard, Gail‘s, Russell Square, Lamb & Flag – “Marion Day” in London

Today was our long-awaited day with Marion, my dear friend of 43 years who graciously took the train from her lovely country home in an 18th Century tower in Hertford, to King’s Cross, where we talked and walked and talked, wandering around the commercial and residential developments. Construction cranes above buildings, rising every which way.

Coal drops Yard/granary square

As we drank coffee on a balcony in the mall-like station, a military band played below us. Not the oom-pah-pah kind of military band. These were energetic young women and men in military fatigues playing electric guitars. Unexpected.

We had a good light lunch at Gail’s, a bakery and cafe that apparently is a chain. A branch is opening in East sheen, near where we are staying with our pals in mortlake.

St. Pancras renaissance Hotel
Bagpipers at Charring Cross.

Last visit I was impressed by the old brick hotel at St. Pancras station so we wandered around more inside. Very cool interior with a restaurant featuring a former train tix counter converted into a bar counter.

We ended up wandering down one narrow alluring street after another, through Russell Square, past the British Museum all the way to my former haunts in Covent Garden, where we stopped for a drink at the atmospheric pub, The Lamb and Flag (circa 1623) for cider, beer and chips.

As seen near Russell Square in Bloomsbury

At Charring Cross station, before hopping on the tube, we joined a crowd watching bagpipers (a favorite of mine.) Oh happy day.

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