Eagles on high at Gray’s Lake – Des Moines

We counted eight bald eagles at Gray’s Lake on a spectacular day with blue sky and sun beaming down on the water and deep snow. Sometimes winter isn’t all bad in Iowa. This photo, some avid eagle photographers told us, is of an “immature” bald eagle, without the white head. Word has it, it takes five years to get the white. And pssst…the eagles weren’t in their usual spot. They’re a little north of the north entrance to the park in bend in the river heading toward MLK.


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2 responses to “Eagles on high at Gray’s Lake – Des Moines

  1. Sometimes the eagles will “rest” on the frozen lake. One time we had an eagle swoop low just ahead of us when on the lake path.

    • betsyrubiner

      Hi Amy! Yet to see a resting eagle but will keep an eye out for that — and you — at the lake! Happy New Year, Betsy

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