Celebrating a new day and a new president in Kansas City

We made an unexpected stop in Kansas City (en route to Bentonville Arkansas) soon after hearing the news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared the winners of the 2020 presidential election. I had to find somewhere to get out of the car and dance and cheer. I found it at the big fountain in Mill Creek Park near The Plaza. About 35 of us stood in the warm sunshine (73 degrees on November 7) and cheered, danced and waved our hands and flags as cars drove by, honking their horns and people of all skin colors and ages thrust their arms and Biden-Harris flags in the air. Pure joy. Oh happy day and one that I have been dreaming of (and trying to make happen) for four years. P.S. picked up excellent rustic artisan bread (orchard, rosemary polenta) at Fervere bakery in Kansas City’s quality hill neighborhood.


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4 responses to “Celebrating a new day and a new president in Kansas City

  1. Shelby Tauber


  2. Francine Bates

    Just watched Biden give his victory speech in Wilmington even though it is 2am here in London. So many millions are celebrating around the world that Trump has been defeated. Enjoy Arkansas.

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