Hildebrant farm market, Bismarck capitol, Sue the cow – driving across North Dakota

We loaded up on bagel & lox and cold brisket sandwiches from BernBaums and excellent Minnesota Apples (sweet tango and zestor) from hildebrant farm market in Fargo before setting off on our drive west for 4.5 hours to Medora. Made for some fine dining along Interstate 94. Not too much to see en route except for nice rural scenery— vast fields of sunflowers, wheat, soybeans and corn and the occasional farm dwelling. We stopped in Bismarck to see the North Dakota State Capitol which was remarkably unlovely — looks like a tall grey institutional apartment building.

West Fargo

En route we passed an enormous cow named Sue on a hilltop and could have seen an enormous bull if we pulled into another town. A handy brochure from the Fargo visitors Centor to.d us what to look for. I really wanted a free “Save the Best for Last” t-shirt, the clever State tourism campaign but this isn’t our last of 50 states to visit (I now have 3 remaining – Alaska, North Carolina, and Kentucky.)


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2 responses to “Hildebrant farm market, Bismarck capitol, Sue the cow – driving across North Dakota

  1. Marion Underhill

    Have you really explored all those states? Must be some kind of record xx

    Marion Underhill

    • betsyrubiner

      Good question. I have set foot in all those states but definitely not fully explored. My rule is that airports don’t count (so I haven’t been to North Carolina even if I have been to an airport there). I’ve technically been to Kentucky — I have a vague memory, during a high school visit to see a friend in West Virginia, of crossing the border into Kentucky to visit an ice cream shop, specifically so I could say I ‘ve been to Kentucky. But I decided that didn’t really count either — plus I’d like to explore Kentucky. xox

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