Door County Day 6: Biking and water tractor to Cana Bay, eating at Harbor in Baileys Harbor, whitefish dunes/caves county park, back to Pebble beach in Little Sister Bay

(written in July 2020)

D. has a family call right now so I am sitting solo at a picnic table in the park overlooking the water in Sister Bay at 8 p.m. I wasn’t going to miss our last sunset, which turns out to be the major evening activity in Door County (and I don’t think it’s just a Covid-19 thing).

We had another spectacular day of weather, low 70s, sunshine, blue sky so we set off again on our bikes, this time driving them over to Bailey’s Harbor where we set off on County Road D from the parking lot of the Ridges Sanctuary. We had an easy flat ride on a largely un-trafficked road lined with trees and a smattering of cabins. We ended up taking an even prettier, narrower “rustic road” (a Door County designation that infers “beauty”) through the woods and along a bay to a clearing where we were met by a John Deere tractor rumbling through three feet of Lake Michigan water between the shore and Cana Island. The tractor was our unusual ride to the island, sitting in a wooden carriage pulled by the farm vehicle. That was a first. The island is tiny and home to an old lighthouse and former living quarters for the lighthouse keeper. Lovely spot even if we couldn’t climb the tower due to the coronavirus.

Next stop, fish and chips and fish chowder, while sitting on the back patio of The Harbor restaurant in Baileys Harbor. Delightful. We also bought some fantastic blueberries at a stand set up near the local brew pub.

We drove south to whitefish dunes state park but left when we discovered it cost $38 to park our car and enter. The adjacent caves county park is free but it located high on bluffs, with daredevil kids jumping from them. Fun to watch (reminded us of similar scenes along Lake Superior north of Duluth) but not my thing, now or ever ,so we happily returned to our now-favorite beach, Pebble Beach in Little Sister Bay. Hated to leave that perfect blue green water and even fell asleep atop the beach’s hot flat stones.

Little Sister bay and Baileys Harbor, maybe Ephraim, are my picks for places to stay next summer with our kids. (The Inn at Little Sister Bay looks promising.) Here’s hoping. Loved this much-needed get away. Hoping next time we won’t all be wearing masks and social distancing. Or worrying about sickness and death and the economic gloom and racial justice and a crazy disaster of a president.


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