Day 1: Madison and Door County

(written last week of July, 2020)


Feels great to have a change of scenery – this is our first trip since the pandemic began in earnest in March. Our behavior hasn’t changed much though. Still social distancing, wearing masks outside in public when it looks like we are nearing a clump of people. We did go to our first restaurant since March. Waited over an hour for an outside table at the sweet Trixie’s in the lovely tiny village of Ephraim. There were inside tables but we aren’t doing that yet. No hardship waiting. We sat on a comfy bench far from others in the grassy park across the street overlooking the bay and the setting sun.

The meal was good, especially the tempura fried white fish with tzatziki and cucumbers. Felt so good to be a little less isolated. I do wish more people were wearing masks here outside. Very hit or miss even though Door county just issued an edict to wear masks and people must wear them indoors.

Our Airbnb is lovely and as promised secluded and spotless. It’s in the woods and meadow just north of Sister Bay in a cool contemporary house, blue shingles with white trim. We have a high ceilinged loft above the garage with bed, couch, small table and kitchen (no stove). All white walls, white comforter, tan wood, very Scandinavian pristine which feels right in this perilous moment. (This is also our first time staying outside our home during the pandemic, which feels a little verboten, if not risky. I’m less paranoid about surfaces than being around other people. No other people here.)

We stopped en route in Madison for a cheese exchange with our friend Jane who lives in Madison and knows I love Bleu Mont, the local bandaged cheddar. She ended up joining us (from six feet) in a park to eat said bandaged cheddar for lunch. The drive was uneventful up to Sister Bay. This area so far reminds me a bit of Up North (Michigan) which is just across Lake Michigan from here and Martha’s Vineyard with the tiny white clapboard buildings in Ephraim. 

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