Next visit to Detroit — Ochre Bakeryp

Just read that Ochre Bakery in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood has landed on Bon Appetite’s 10 best new restaurants in the U.S. (Details below). So hope to visit. It appears to be not far from Woodward Ave. (my main reference point), west of the Shinola Detroit Store and the Wayne State U. campus. Now if I can only figure out a way to hear the Detroit Youth Choir, which recently took America’s Got Talent by storm!


8:43 a.m. I’m at Ochre Bakery, and the first thing I’m eating today is a danish, the crumbly, deep-golden pastry barely holding on to the squiggles of still-juicy rhubarb in the center.

8:46 a.m. Watching the guy behind the counter make a cortado, I realize that this is as much a Serious Coffee Shop as it is a bakery, which makes sense given that it’s owned by Jessica Hicks and Daisuke Hughes, the same people behind Detroit’s much-loved Astro Coffee. I’m getting lost in the idea that I could live in Detroit and this could be my coffee shop and I could eat this Danish every morning when…

8:57 a.m. My plate of scrambled eggs shows up, but to call it a plate of scrambled eggs is kind of rude given that it’s eggs softly scrambled with turmeric; tzatziki with slivers of kohlrabi; a big pile of bitter greens; a very generous serving of very good butter; two holey slices of country bread; and a tiny handmade ceramic bowl of cumin seeds, Aleppo-style pepper, and flaky salt that I can sprinkle over whatever I like.

8:58 a.m. Can we talk about this bread? I was so fixated on the pastry case, I didn’t notice the room behind the counter where cult local baker Max Leonard babysits the sourdoughs. So not only does this place turn out pastries and coffee and savory food at the highest level, but there’s also a high-key bread program?

9:18 a.m. I’m the person taking pictures of the blue and ochre (duh) tiles hand-painted by Hicks.

9:28 a.m. Yeah, I’m going to need a slice of the lemon-pistachio loaf cake, a piece of the chocolate banana bread, and one of every cookie (espresso shortbread, chocolate-hazelnut, oaty Anzac) to go. Or maybe I’ll just never leave. —J.K.

Wanna try Ochre Bakery’s food? Get tickets to the Hot 10 party.

THE PLAYERS: Chef-owners Jessica Hicks and Daisuke Hughes

THE SETUP: The dream of a sun-soaked bakery/café

THE ORDER: Spiced scrambled eggs with tzatziki, a seasonal Danish, and an Anzac cookie

THE MOVE: Grab one of everything from the pastry case to go—and a loaf of bread too.


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3 responses to “Next visit to Detroit — Ochre Bakeryp

  1. Marion Underhill

    Sounds delicious and how great to have it close by, too. You certainly get to sample some wonderful foods and drinks. I think I’ll have to pay another visit and sample them for myself!

    I hope all is well with you, Dirck and the family. When will you see the baby next? Hard to think of you as a Grandmother!

    All well here although a bit sad to see the trees turning and the evenings drawing in. I had a bit of an “episode” recently but seem to be on the mend. Firstly, I overdid the gardening a week or so ago and almost passed out with a searing pain in my chest. It improved after a few days but then came a pain in my upper back plus asthma. So, a quick visit to my GP who said I have a lung infection. The antibios are helping but I’ll be relieved when the xray results are through. No need to worry but thought I’d explain why I haven’t been in touch for a while. (I haven’t told Merida but Pam knows).

    Brexit is unbelievably tedious and Corbyn doesn’t improve. As for Boris, what can I say? There’s an interesting profile of Labour MP Jess Phillips in the Sunday Times Magazine which you may be able to download. As for Trump, let’s not even go there.

    Lots of love to you and a hug for Dirck xxx


    • betsyrubiner

      Hi Marion, That health situation is concerning. Sounds like you are dealing with it well. Did you get my recent email? I also tried communicating by commenting on one of you Facebook posts. Some people have not been getting my emails (they’ve gone to junk mail) so was concerned that might have happened with you. And Pam (i emailed her for her bday but didn’t hear back). We are in Chicago visiting Linus now. More later. Emma has a brief window to escape from breastfeeding for a walk so doing now. Xox, b

    • betsyrubiner

      Hi Marion, That health situation is concerning.

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